About KnowledgeSpace

KnowledgeSpace Training & Consulting Limited is a revolutionary organization specializing in bespoke training programs and Consultancy Services to professionals and organizations.

Along with our training partners, we strive to create an experience that emphasizes how to use the methods and techniques effectively in the real world. Our obsession is to create the best possible learning experience for professionals.

Our Mission

To provide unrivalled quality and cost-effective training and consulting services to our clients.

Our Vision

To be an internationally acclaimed and leading provider of world class training and consulting services.

Our Core Values

Quality: Quality management policy at KnowledgeSpace has ensured that our services are consistently of exceptional quality. We focus on four main components: quality planning, quality control and quality improvement.

Innovation: Thanks to the excellent tools, real-life examples and hands-on approach, KnowledgeSpace thrives on innovation. We are consistently seeking new ways to design and deliver our services to our clientele.

Excellence: Excellence and Passion is at the core of what we do. Our instructors strive to inspire, challenge, and motivate. They leverage their industry experience to make the training material come alive for students. At KnowledgeSpace, we focus heavily on acquiring, developing, and maintaining the absolute best instructor talent.

Customer Centricity: We listen to you, the customer. You are at the epicenter of what we do. Therefore, you ultimately determine the services you receive from us.

Simplicity: We strive to remove complexity and make it simple for you! Our courses are designed to simplify the learning experience so that the learner maximizes from the material learned. 

About KnowledgeSpace

Industries where we serve

  1. Travel & Hospitality
  2. Healthcare & Pharmaceutical 
  3. Financial Services, Banking & Insurance
  4. Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs) 
  5. Education 
  6. Government & Public Sector
  7. Technology & Telecommunications
  8. Industrial & Manufacturing 
  9. Retail
  10. Energy & Power

Some of our Clients

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