MentorInk Mentoring Software Platform

“A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained.” – Shawn

Mentorink Online Platform Features

  1. Smart Matching: Easy user management on the online platform. There is easy match up through personality tests and smart algorithms. This ensures the best possible matchups through smart algorithms.
  2. Smart Guidance: The platform provides clear context and goals. Step-by-step recommendations & reminders.
  3. Smart Monitoring: Continuous feedback from the users. Full visibility & control for the administrator.
  4. Quick Launch: Customizable, quick & easy to set up, instant companywide reach.
  5. Automated Reminders: Auto-reminders to guide users step by step eliminating the manual work.
  6. Smart Content: Deeper interaction through tailored content.
  7. Continuous Feedback: In-depth analytics provide actionable insights and ensure progress.
  8. Full Control: Rich admin features and customization opportunities.
  9. Ultra-Low Cost: Ultra low-cost leveraging cloud capabilities, pay only per use.
  10. Mentoring that works: Highly enhanced and engaging mentoring experience.

Service Overview

KnowledgeSpace has partnered with Mentorink, a company with a lot of expertise in the provision of online mentoring solutions. Mentorink’s online platform enables organizations start and run their own smart mentoring activities at scale in an amazingly effective and efficient way. Mentorink’s Online solution can easily handle the key aspects of mentoring. Mentorship using Mentorink Platform can be done for different categories, among them:

  • Career Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Talent Development
  • Onboarding
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Culture & Transformation
  • Reverse Mentoring
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Delivery Structure

  • Preparatory phase – KnowledgeSpace will review the system requirements as described by the RfQ from KenGen and will provide for review (one week after contract signed) wireframes for the e-mentoring solution with conceptual model of the future system.
  • Design Review & Editing: After the approval of the wireframes and conceptual model, KnowledgeSpace will develop and refine the design of the system in close collaboration with KenGen team.
  • System configuration based on the design.
  • Acceptance Testing: User acceptance testing in close collaboration with KenGen while fine-tuning the system.
  • Technical documentation (to be delivered at the end of the system configuration process) that will contain, at minimum:
    a) System functional model – description of all system modules that explains the purpose of all system functionalities with basic description of input/output parameters,
    b) system architecture/design – detailed description of all application layers,
    c) technical specification of the system with detailed description of all application elements.
  • User Training: to be done at the end of system configuration process).
  • System Support – Post go-live. This will include programmatic and technical support. This will also include support in the form of consultations, assistance, troubleshooting and advice on the use of the system.

Your Advantage

This strategic Partnership will have enormous benefits to your organization, Key highlights below:
  • Higher Retention: Increase in staff retention by up to 70%.
  • Higher Productivity: Increase in employee productivity by up to 88%.
  • Our expertise and unique approach to mentoring enables you to get the best user experience and maximum benefits.
  • Award-winning User Experience Our Domain Expertise
    • Primary focus on mentoring activities that really work.
    • Simple, easy to use, optimized for best results.
    • Best user experience on both Web and Mobile.
    • Only platform that has been awarded as” the Best Mentoring and Coaching application” by EMCC.
  • Our Domain Expertise
    • Facilitated 10K+ mentor & mentee pairs and counting.
    • Relentless focus on user feedback from a diverse set of clients and use cases.
    • Continuously improving our platform through this unprecedented first-hand experience.
  • Best Customer Support
    • Dedicated customer service
    • Only pay for what you use (only platform where you pay for actively matched users)
    • Satisfaction Guarantee (cancel any time)
  • Flexibility & Configurability
    • Platform agnostic, no lock-in, so keep your options to have the best solutions
    • Integration to whichever HR system you use
    • Wide range of configuration options to anchor mentoring programs to your organization’s goals
  • Our unique and scalable pricing model dependent on specific service being offered.
  • Training content development & delivery customized to your specific industry by a seasoned team.

Some of our Clients

For additional information regarding this service, Talk to Us and we will gladly reach out to you.