PMO Setup

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Service Overview

KnowledgeSpace works with you to develop a governance structure for the effective management of projects that works for your organization. We deploy Portfolio Management processes, ensure clear role definition, and support you in driving the behavioral changes required for effective change delivery.

By bringing an organizational focus and strategic focus to project work, our clients achieve dramatic improvement against their key performance indicators. These include revenue, profit, costs, cash flow, return, brand equity, customer satisfaction and retention, time-to-market, innovation, efficiency, output, and quality delivery Structure.

Our Delivery Structure

We collaborate with our client organizations in a variety of ways:

  1. We identify, scope and prioritize the programs and projects that need to be delivered to meet the key operational and/or strategic goals. This results in a balanced portfolio of projects that is focused and effective.
  2. We install a project management office to oversee project programs, control the number and type of projects in the portfolio, evaluate resource allocation, provide project governance, and support ongoing project work.
  3. We establish monitoring and reporting mechanisms to aid leadership decision making and drive outstanding project performance.
  4. We facilitate project issue resolution when projects or programs are at risk or when tight schedules or other circumstances demand intensive coordination, risk analysis, or other actions.
  5. We evaluate project capabilities and develop training, performance support, and/or process improvement programs that address any gaps or areas for improvement.

Your Advantage

Some of our Clients

If you would like further information about how we could help your organization better position itself and reduce turnover through customer or employee satisfaction measurement, please Talk to Us and we will gladly reach out to you.