SQL for Data Scientists Course & Lab

Includes: Lessons, test prep, live lab, Mentoring (Add On).

Delivery Methodology: Online, On Demand

Price: $279.99  $199.99 (28.5% Special discount, Limited time offer!)

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SQL for Data Scientists Course & Lab – $199.99

Price: $279.99 $199.99 (28.5% Special discount, Limited time offer!)

Delivery Methodology: Online, On Demand
Your Advantage:
Lessons:15+ Lessons, 155+ Exercises, 99+ Flashcards, 99+ Glossary of terms

TestPrep: 57+ Pre-Assessment Questions, 57+ Post Assessment Questions

LiveLab: 33+ LiveLab, 33+ Video tutorials, 47+ Minutes

Learn at your pace, Certificate of Completion.
100% Money back guarantee, 100% Syllabus covered.
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SQL for Data Scientists Course & Lab
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    Master SQL for Data Science.

    Course Overview

    Get a hands-on experience in SQL with our SQL for Data Scientists course, which is designed to be a learning resource for anyone who wants to become (or who already is) a data analyst or data scientist. It teaches the ability to pull data from databases to build their own datasets without having to rely on others in the organization to query the source system and transform it into flat files (or spreadsheets) for them.

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    Program Outcomes

    • Write complex SQL statements to query the database and gain critical insight on data.
    • Practice Every Step of the Way by Working Through Puzzles (with solutions) & quizzes.
    • Transition from the Very Basics to a Point Where You can Effortlessly Work with Large SQL Queries.
    • Learn Advanced Querying Techniques.
    • This SQL course gives you all the information you need to successfully start working with SQL databases and make use of the database in your applications.
    • Learn how to correctly structure your database, author efficient SQL statements, and clauses, and manage your SQL database for scalable growth.
    • In-depth coverage of SQL fundamentals
    • Covers all the important query tools and SQL commands

    What you will get

    • Lessons: 15+ Lessons, 155+ Exercises, 99+ Flashcards, 99+ Glossary of terms
    • TestPrep: 57+ Pre-Assessment Questions, 57+ Post Assessment Questions
    • LiveLab: 33+ LiveLab, 33+ Video tutorials, 47+ Minutes
    • Flashcards, Exercises, Quizzes, Glossary and Labs related to each chapter.
    • Modern award-winning Learning Platform (LMS).
    • Full remediation questions, unlimited practice.
    • Learn, test and review modes for the questions.
    • Live-Lab – a real computer equipment, networked together and conveniently accessible over the internet using virtualization.
    • ADA Compliant & JAWS Compatible Platform.
    • Award Winning Learning Platform (LMS)
    • State of the Art Educator Tools
    • Expert Instructor developed Training content

    You will receive a Certificate like this one on completion of the program.

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    • Chapter 1: Introduction
    • Chapter 2: Data Sources
    • Chapter 3: The SELECT Statement
    • Chapter 4: The WHERE Clause
    • Chapter 5: CASE Statements
    • Chapter 6: SQL JOINs
    • Chapter 7: Aggregating Results for Analysis
    • Chapter 8: Window Functions and Subqueries
    • Chapter 9: Date and Time Functions
    • Chapter 10: Exploratory Data Analysis with SQL
    • Chapter 11: Building SQL Datasets for Analytical Reporting
    • Chapter 12: More Advanced Query Structures
    • Chapter 13: Creating Machine Learning Datasets Using SQL
    • Chapter 14: Analytical Dataset Development Examples
    • Chapter 15: Storing and Modifying Data

    Hands on Activities (Live Labs)

    1. The SELECT Statement
    2. The WHERE Clause
    3. CASE Statements
    4. SQL JOINs
    5. Aggregating Results for Analysis
    6. Window Functions and Subqueries
    7. Exploratory Data Analysis with SQL
    8. Building SQL Datasets for Analytical Reporting
    9. More Advanced Query Structures
    10. Creating Machine Learning Datasets Using SQL
    11. Analytical Dataset Development Examples

    This course can be customized to fit the specific needs of the attendees and the company or industry they operate in.

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    Below are some of the career paths and potential opportunities after passing the XXXX exam.

    • SQL Database Administrator (DBA).
    • SQL Database Developer
    • SQL Data Analyst
    • Cloud Database Expert
    • Business Intelligence Administrator
    • BI Application Developer
    • SQL Data Scientist
    • BI Solution Architect (SME)
    • BI Solution Architect
    • BI Reporting Engineer

    There are no prerequisites for taking this course. A desire to get a solid grounding in data science is expected of the student.

    There are no specific exams for this course. You will get a Certificate of Completion.

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