(ISC)² Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) Course & Lab

Includes: Lessons, Test prep, Live Lab.

Delivery Methodology: Online, On Demand

Price: $279.9 $199.99 (28.5% discount, Limited time offer!)

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(ISC)² Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) Course & Lab - $199.9

Price: $279.99 $199.9 (28.5% discount, Limited time offer!) 
Delivery Methodology: Online, On Demand
Your Advantage:
Lessons:13+ Lessons, 593+ Exercises, 249+ Quizzes, 344+ Flashcards, 344+ Glossary of terms
TestPrep: 125+ Pre-Assessment Questions, 2+ Full Length Tests, 125+ Post Assessment Questions, 250+ Practice Test Questions
LiveLab (Add-on):25+ LiveLab, 25+ Video tutorials, 40+ Minutes
Certificate of Completion.
100% Money back guarantee, 100% Syllabus covered.
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(ISC)² Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) Course & Lab Request for Info: 



    Get skilled, get certified

    Course Overview

    SSCP is a global IT security certification. It validates the candidate’s skills to implement, monitor, and administer IT infrastructure using information security policies and procedures — ensuring data confidentiality, integrity and availability. This certification is designed for IT administrators, managers, directors, and network security professionals responsible for the hands-on operational security of their organization’s critical assets.

    Program Outcomes

    After completing this course, learners will be able to:

    • Describe security and the alignment of asset management to risk management
    • Appraise risk management options and the use of access controls to protect assets
    • Examine the field of cryptography to secure information and communication
    • Build a security posture by securing software, data and endpoints
    • Apply network and communications security to establish a secure networked environment
    • Evaluate cloud and wireless security
    • Prepare for incident detection and response
    • Implement appropriate measures that contribute to the maturation of risk management

    What you will get

    • Lessons: 13+ Lessons, 593+ Exercises, 249+ Quizzes, 344+ Flashcards, 344+ Glossary of terms
    • TestPrep: 125+ Pre-Assessment Questions, 2+ Full Length Tests, 125+ Post Assessment Questions, 250+ Practice Test Questions
    • LiveLab: 25+ LiveLab, 25+ Video tutorials, 40+ Minutes
    • Full Remediation: Each question comes with detailed remediation explaining not only why an answer option is correct but also why it is incorrect.
    • Unlimited Practice: Each test can be taken unlimited number of times until the learner feels they are prepared. Learner can review the test and read detailed remediation. Detailed test history is also available.
    • Learn, Test and Review Mode: Each test set comes with learn, test and review modes.
    • Labs simulate real world, hardware, software & CLI environment, Flexible & inexpensive alternative to physical Labs
    • Comes with well-organized component library for every task
    • Highly interactive – learn by doing

    You will receive a Certificate like this one on completion of the program.

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    Course Content
    Get Detailed Course information here.
    • Chapter 1: Introduction
    • Chapter 2: The Business Case for Decision Assurance and Information Security
    • Chapter 3: Information Security Fundamentals
    • Chapter 4: Integrated Information Risk Management
    • Chapter 5: Operationalizing Risk Mitigation
    • Chapter 6: Communications and Network Security
    • Chapter 7: Identity and Access Control
    • Chapter 8: Cryptography
    • Chapter 9: Hardware and Systems Security
    • Chapter 10: Applications, Data, and Cloud Security
    • Chapter 11: Incident Response and Recovery
    • Chapter 12: Business Continuity via Information Security and People Power
    • Chapter 13: Cross-Domain Challenges

    Hands on Activities (Live Labs)

    1. Information Security Fundamentals
    2. Integrated Information Risk Management
    3. Communications and Network Security
    4. Identity and Access Control
    5. Cryptography
    6. Hardware and Systems Security

    This course can be customized to fit the specific needs of the attendees and the company or industry they operate in.
    Get the detailed Course Datasheet here.

    Below are some of the career paths and potential opportunities after passing the exam.

    • Network Security Engineer,
    • Systems Administrator,
    • Security Analyst,
    • Systems Engineer,
    • Security Consultant/Specialist,
    • Security Administrator,
    • Systems/Network Analyst,
    • Database Administrator

    When you apply for certification, you will be asked to verify your work experience and education to meet the following qualification:
    One year of cumulative work experience in one or more of the seven domains of the SSCP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK). A one-year prerequisite pathway is available for candidates who receive a degree (bachelors or masters) in a cybersecurity program.

    • What is the exam registration fee? $249 USD
    • Where do I take the exam? Pearson VUE
    • What is the format of the exam? Multiple-choice
    • How many questions are asked in the exam? The exam contains 125 questions.
    • What is the duration of the exam? 180 minutes
    • What is the passing score? 700 out of 1000
    • What is the exam's retake policy?
      If you don’t pass the exam the first time, you can retest after 30 days.
      If you don’t pass a second time, you can retest after an additional 90 days.
      If you don’t pass a third time, you can retest after 180 days from your most recent exam attempt.
    • Where can I get more info about this certification? Know More About SSCP Certification.
    • Where do I do the exam? Pearson Vue Test Centre
    • Do you provide a course completion certificate? Yes, we provide a Course Completion Certificate for all training courses.
    • Do you provide group discounts? Yes, we do. Pls Talk to us to Enquire.
    • After enrolling for the training Course from KnowledgeSpace, how can I get clarification for my course-related questions? We have a team of expert trainers on hand to help with your questions. Contact us at hello@Kspacetc.com for any questions.
    • What happens after paying for a course? You will receive your course access credentials via email within 24 hrs of purchase, typically earlier than this.
    • What happens after paying for a course? You will receive your course access credentials via email within 24 hrs of purchase, typically earlier than this.
    • Can I get an extension of my access after expiry? Yes, this is possible. There will be a small cost attributed to this. Feel free to Contact Us for specific extension requests.

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