Team Building (Online & In person)

Teamwork Creates Winners. Winners Work Together.

Service Overview

Businesses increasingly face serious challenges that prevent them from realizing their people's full potential. In a rapidly changing business environment, especially in the time of COVID, the need for team bonding is a necessity to care for your people nowadays! We're obsessively passionate about building teams and improving the organizational capabilities. Our mission is to help companies and individuals to achieve it. We believe that Teambuilding is one of the best solutions for improving communication between your employees in different locations and time zones.

Effective Team building is emerging as a promising mechanism to foster individual and professional engagement within organizations resulting in the benefits below.

  1. Higher Retention: Increase in staff retention by up to 70%.
  2. Higher Productivity: Increase in employee productivity up to 88%.
  3. Increased Success: 75% say it was critical for their success.
  4. Faster Progress: your employees are five times more likely to be promoted.

Our Delivery Structure

Working closely with your organization, KnowledgeSpace will allocate a dedicated project manager that will ensure the project is delivered according toyour requirements and expectations.

  1. Plan the Team building
    • Familiarization material sent in advance
    • Sessions with the Lead Person to align/ Prepare in terms of expectations/ activities.
    • Handbook & How-to-Videos.
  2. Measuring & Reporting Success
    • Review of Team building Feedback.
    • Feedback compilation and documentation Action planning.
    • Feedback sharing
    • Follow up sessions
    • Project Closure.

These activities build the fundamentals of a successful team: trust, mutual respect and awareness. Games can be tailor-made to focus on specific learning objectives, company goals or a meeting theme.

Some of the Virtual Team Building Activities

  • KYC Session
  • Live Online Rumba & Aerobics
  • Slack Channel
  • Two Truth & One lie:
  • Call of a champion
  • Building a story Line
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Exciting Sponge
  • Mind Games
  • Share Your Bucket List
  • True Lies (Remote Edition)
  • Online Gaming Sessions
  • Office Trivia: Remote Team Edition
  • Escape Room
  • Pub-Style Trivia

Some of the In Person Team Building activities

  • Memory Wall
  • Back of the Napkin
  • Magazine Story
  • Shark Tank
  • Office Trivia
  • Make your own movie
  • Office Trivia
  • Odd Couples
  • Back-to-back drawing
  • Body of words
  • Hole in Many
  • Daredevil
  • Perfect Square
  • Shipwrecked
  • Scavenger Hunt

Your Advantage

This strategic Partnership will have enormous benefits to your organization, Key highlights below:

  • Our expertise and unique approach to Team Building enables you to get the best user experience and maximum benefits.
  • Relentless focus on user feedback from a diverse set of clients and use cases.
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Scalable services
  • Our unique and scalable pricing model dependent on specific service being offered.
  • Content development & delivery customized to your specific industry by a seasoned team.

Some of our Clients

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